SwiftWing SIRIUS LCS Image

SwiftWing SIRIUS LCS is a full line-rate network packet capture system capable of capturing full-duplex 1ch or 2ch traffic in Gigabit and full-duplex in 20 Gigabit Ethernet traffic without packet loss. In other words, there are approximate 29 million packets being captured and write to disk every second.* SwiftWing SIRIUS LCS offers full capture and storage of data directly to its hard disk storage system of up to a massive 480TB.

This offers great usability and capabilities in the analysis of intrusion detection as well as post-analysis of network behavior and environment where long duration of full network traffic capture is required.

SwiftWing SIRIUS LCS contains a Hardware Filtering Engine that can evaluate and process each network packet header and payload protocol in real-time while ensuring that it achieves full line-rate capture for all frame sizes, without packet loss.

Captured data are stored in the standard PCAP or nano-PCAP format. It can be used directly with industry standard softwares such as tcpdump or Wireshark. The capture files can be configured to split by file size or time interval and to rotate by deleting older capture files when storage system is almost full.

SwiftWing SIRIUS LCS provides an intuitive Web UI for capture management, filter configuration, real-time statistics and also capture file management.