40G iBypass Switch

40G iBypass Switch Image

Net Optics 40G iBypass is an intelligent bypass switch that provides protection on the full duplex traffic streams connected to the monitoring tools. The 40G iBypass augments network monitoring capability through the use of microsecond resolution heartbeat packets, SNMP Traps, field upgradable software, and an easy-to-use Web UI.

iBypass Switch for Fail-safe Connectivity of 40G Inline Network Security and Performance Monitoring Tools

The 40G iBypass is a solution that protects full duplex network links from unexpected outages. Configurable heartbeat packets are sent from the 40G iBypass through the inline security tool in one, or both directions, to monitor the health of the tool. With microsecond heartbeat packet resolution the 40G iBypass provides fast and accurate fault condition monitoring. The 40G iBypass supports four operational modes Tap, Fail Open, Fail Closed, and Forced Bypass On to meet any deployment need. The design of the iBypass makes it possible to deploy up to two Bypass Switches in 1U of rack space, reducing the real estate costs of a 40G iBypass.