10 GB Regeneration Taps

10 GB Regeneration Taps Image

Net Optics 10 GigaBit Regeneration Taps solve the key physical layer challenges of attaching multiple 10 Gbps monitoring tools on 10 GigaBit fiber networks. For a complete picture of network health, Regeneration Taps copy identical traffic streams four or eight different network management and security devices for complete protocol trouble-shooting.

One Tap, No Idle Resources

Keep your intrusion detection and prevention systems, protocol analyzers, RMON probes, and other security devices productive with a single Regeneration Tap. Maximize resources and save on access points when multiple devices can monitor link traffic simultaneously through a single Regeneration Tap. Secure, passive access for multiple devices simply means a better return on monitoring investments.

Security and Visibility

Without an IP address, monitoring devices are isolated from the network, dramatically reducing their exposure to attacks. However, the monitoring device connected to the Tap still sees all full-duplex traffic as if it were in-line, including Layer 1 and Layer 2 errors.